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Lincoln DSP is expert in the development of FPGA and SoC based solutions.  Heterogeneous SoC’s integrate the software programmability of a processor with the hardware programmability of an FPGA, providing our products with unrivalled levels of system performance, flexibility, and scalability. This enables our overall system to benefit from power reduction, lower cost with a faster time to market. This flexible programmable logic provides Lincoln DSP with optimization and differentiation, allowing us to add the peripherals and accelerators needed to adapt to a broad base of applications.


Lincoln DSP provide:


On-chip System Integration for:

  • Control and Communication – AOCS, Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Defined Microwave (SDM)
  • Image Processing, Encryption and Compression, Machine Learning & AI
  • Telecommunications
  • Robotics
  • Space Weather


Platform Benefits:

  • Developed using High Level Languages (HDL) such as C, C++, Open CV, Caffe. There is no need to be an HDL specialist to leverage the embedded logic.
  • Easier System Integration thanks to Any to Any interfacing capabilities of the Platform – fully supported by delivered Board Support Package.
  • Internal ADC enabling comprehensive Built in Test/System Monitoring.
  • Flexible power architecture enabling high performance per watt.
  • Easy integration with lager complex systems.


Key Technologies:

  • Quad Core ARM A53
  • Dual Core ARM R5
  • ARM M0 Rad Hard System Controller
  • Up to 8GB DDR3
  • Up to 64GB eMMC
  • 1MB MRAM
  • PCIe Gen3 Expansion
  • 64 bit Configurable GPIO
  • 154K Programmable Logic Gates
  • CAN & Firefly interfaces
  • 5-28V power input